Ornery Goat Dairy

Grade A Goat Dairy
Edinburg, Ohio

Deborah Durkee

(330) 474-1565

Hazel and Nugget

Hazel and Nugget pose for the camera

Our Farm

We started with two goats in 2002 for personal use. As the herd grew, we found that cheese was a great way to use all they produced. We moved in 2004 and began to carve out our farmstead nestled in the middle of 51 wooded acres in Edinburg Township, Ravenna,Ohio. Work on the 'Dairy' began in the fall of 2007 and we received our producer and processor license by the Ohio Department of Agriculture in 2008.

Our herd consists of registered Saanen and LaMancha goats, and most of them know their name unless they choose to be ‘Ornery.’ The size of our milking herd is kept around 20-24, a very manageable number to ensure they get the proper attention and care they deserve to be happy, healthy, and productive. As we grow, we will still maintain the close bond with our herd. We don't use any hormones to enhance their production, just good, fresh food.

Our cheeses and fudge are made by hand in small batches uisng only the milk we produce here on the farm. Deborah is the cheesemaker and Ed is the maker of Fudge. We both work together taking care of the other not-so-glamorous tasks on the farm as well as the best part of all—playing with the babies!

You can find our products at the following locations

Misty and Frizzle being ornery Desiree and Carmelita Widget